Karin Schneider

Karin Schneider

Karin Schneider is a Brazil-born and New York-based artist and filmmaker. In 1997, Schneider founded Union Gaucha Productions (UGP) with Nicolás Guagnini, an artist-run, experimental film company designed to carry out interdisciplinary collaborations with practitioners from different fields. From 2005 to 2008, she was a founding member of Orchard, a cooperatively organized exhibition and social space in New York's Lower East Side. In 2010, Schneider co-founded Cage, a space that facilitated new kinds of social interactions. Her most recent project is Situational Diagram, was first presented as a text at the Centre Culturel International de Cerisy, France, in 2015.

Selected Works

  • E (MA/N_B III-I) (Extraction)
    33 x 22 inches (83.8 x 55.9 cm)

  • Trisected Square with 16 (O) Paintings
    Exhibition rendering, Situational Diagram at Dominique Lévy, New York, September 2016




March 22, 2017



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