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Gego (Gertrud Goldschmidt) was born on August 1, 1912, to a liberal Jewish banking family in Hamburg, Germany. She studied under Paul Bonatz at the University at Stuttgart, where she graduated with an architecture and engineering degree in 1938. As a student she was influenced by the innovations of the Bauhaus, a creative laboratory of design that operated for over two decades in pre-Hitler Germany. She was forced to leave Germany shortly after finishing her degree and immigrated to Venezuela in 1939. There she worked as a graphic designer and operated her own furniture workshop. She became a Venezuelan citizen in 1952 and lived there for the remainder of her life.

In 1953, Gego began to develop her artistic practice full-time. Encouraged by the support of Alejandro Otero and Jesús Rafael Soto, she began to create three-dimensional works in 1956. During these three years, Gego operated in the margins of the Venezuelan kinetic and op art movements, and continued to study mathematics, architecture, and philosophy. In 1957 Gego participated in the exhibition Arte abstracto en Venezuela and by 1959 the Museum of Modern Art in New York had begun acquiring her work. She lived in New York briefly in 1960 and made several extended visits to the United States until 1967. In New York, she attended the Pratt Institute, where she took engraving and printmaking classes. She also worked in the Tamarind Lithography Workshop in Los Angeles before returning to Venezuela in 1967. For most of her career, she worked at a home studio in Caracas, creating a prolific and varied oeuvre consisting of sculptures and works on paper. She died in Caracas on September 17, 1994.

Recent solo exhibitions of Gego’s work include Gego: Between Transparency and the Invisible, The Museum of Fine Arts, Houston (2005), and The Drawing Center, New York (2007); Gego: Defying Structures, Museu de Arte Contemporánea de Serralves, Porto; and Gego: Line as Object, Hamburger Kunsthalle, Kunstmuseum Stuttgart, and Henry Moore Institute, Leeds (2013). Her work is in the collections of, among others, The Museum of Modern Art, New York; The Museum of Fine Arts, Houston; Museo de Arte Contemporáneo de Caracas; Museo de Bellas Artes, Caracas; New York Public Library, New York; and Tate Modern, London.


Selected Works

  • Columna (Reticulárea cuadrada)
    Stainless steel fence, metallic beads, iron washers, four sinkers (weights), and nylon
    137 3/4 x 51 1/4 x 51 1/4 inches (350 x 130 x 130 cm)
    © Fundación Gego

  • Tejedura 91/31
    Printed cardboard
    19 x 13 3/8 inches (48.4 x 33.9 cm)
    © Fundación Gego

  • Sin título
    Ink on paper
    10 1/2 x 7 inches (26.8 x 18 cm)
    © Fundación Gego

  • Sin título
    Ink on paper
    8 1/2 x 5 5/8 inches (21.6 x 14.3 cm)
    © Fundación Gego

  • Reticulárea circular (gato o rosa)
    Watercolour and ink on Arches paper
    28 3/8 x 21 1/2 inches (72 x 54.5 cm)
    © Fundación Gego

  • Dibujo sin papel
    Steel and metallic washers
    40 1/4 x 24 3/4 x 7 inches (102 x 63 x 17.7 cm)
    © Fundación Gego

  • Dibujo sin papel 86/15
    Nylon threads, iron, and metal wire
    33 1/4 x 16 1/2 x 1 1/8 inches (84.5 x 42 x 3 cm)
    © Fundación Gego



Gego: Autobiography of a Line at Dominique Lévy London

March 22, 2017

May 25 – July 30, 2016
Dominique Lévy presents Gego: Autobiography of a Line, the second in a pair of exhibitions celebrating the legacy of German-born Venezuelan artist Gego (Gertrud Goldschmidt [1912 – 1994]). Organised in collaboration with the Fundación Gego, Autobiography of a Line is the artist’s first solo exhibition in London, and includes a selection of works spanning her career. Notably, three monumental sculptures made in the 1970s, which embody the palpable sense of entropic geometry and spatial play for which Gego’s work is internationally recognised, will be on view. These sculptures find their parallel in the artist’s towering wire Chorros, which were displayed in the New York exhibition last autumn. Also in the London instalment are a selection of ink drawings on paper and late works that complicate and question the relationship between drawing and sculpture such as Dibujos sin papel (Drawings without paper), Acuarelas (Watercolours), and Tejeduras (Weavings). The exhibition includes loans from the Museu d'Art Contemporani de Barcelona (MACBA), the Museum of Fine Arts Houston (MFAH), and the Fundación Gego.


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