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Joel Mesler

Born in Los Angeles, CA in 1974, Joel Mesler received his MFA from the San Francisco Art Institute. Mesler began painting in the early 2000s, and his work has since been shown at various exhibitions. In the past years he has held successful solo shows at David Kordansky Gallery in Los Angeles, Harper’s Books in New York, and, mostly recently, held his first solo exhibition in Asia at Lévy Gorvy Hong Kong.

Mesler’s paintings combine popular iconography, typography, and humor. Mesler’s work is personal—he draws from his childhood memories—yet his meditations on his past shed light on universal themes. Mesler is thoughtful in his exploring of emotions and the ways in which they are viewed and ingrained in the culture. His focus on language places his paintings in dialogue with other artists who emphasize the relationship between text and image, like Ed Ruscha and Christopher Wool. Although humorous, Mesler’s paintings only appear lighthearted at first, and often pose serious questions about identity, pain, healing, and acceptance. Mesler continues to experiment visually, adding new motifs and more elaborate elements to his vibrant, surrealist, and surprising compositions.

Joel Mesler lives and works in East Hampton, New York.




Selected Press

ARTnews | From Outside In: Rashid Johnson Has Plied His Status as an Art Star to Effect the Kinds of Change He Wants to See

December 21, 2021

Born in Los Angeles, CA in 1974, Joel Mesler received his MFA from the San Francisco Art Institute. Mesler …

artnet news | ‘We’re in Uncharted Territory’: Artist Joel Mesler on How a Career as a Dealer Prepared Him Not at All to Become a Market Darling

July 13, 2021

Mesler has had shows at London’s Simon Lee; Los Angeles’s David Kordansky; and most recently, at …

Vogue Hong Kong | 7月必看香港藝術展覽:由國際編舞家 William Forsythe 互動裝置到抽象、超現實大師作品,多角度用心感受藝術

July 12, 2021

今次 Lévy Gorvy 厲蔚閣香港空間帶來美國藝術家Joel Mesler在亞洲的首場個展,《Joel …

China Daily | What's on: Childhood dreamscapes

July 12, 2021

Joel Mesler says his one-man show in Hong Kong displays his childhood memories of the nights when his …

Rolling Stone 大水花 | RS TV | Joel Mesler: 画面中隐匿的夏日童年夜间遐想与梦境

July 11, 2021

2021年6月23日,乔尔·梅斯勒的新作展览「乔尔·梅斯勒:起初」正式在香港的厉蔚阁(Lévy …

China Daily | US artist's solo exhibition in HK unfolds childhood dreamscapes

July 8, 2021

Titled Joel Mesler: In the Beginning, the exhibition, held at Lévy Gorvy's Hong Kong space until Aug …

Art Absolute | 童年仲夏夜之梦,乔尔‧梅斯勒的热带雨林

July 7, 2021

上个月,Lévy Gorvy 厉蔚阁香港空间带来乔尔·梅斯勒在亚洲地区的首场个人展览“乔尔 …

Beijing Youth Weekly | Joel Mesler: In the Beginning

July 1, 2021

《乔尔梅斯勒 起初》中展出的作品由大胆的风格化图案组成, 再现了香芦树和其他植被的叶片、动物形态J悦覃与太阳。 …

Yahoo News Hong Kong | 40歲才當職業藝術家,Joel Mesler亞洲首展正式登陸香港

June 30, 2021

Joel Mesler在Lévy Gorvy厲蔚閣舉辦香港首個個人展覽,這也是他在亞洲的首次亮相。

Home Journal | 40歲才當職業藝術家,Joel Mesler亞洲首展正式登陸香港

June 30, 2021

Joel Mesler在Lévy Gorvy厲蔚閣舉辦香港首個個人展覽,這也是他在亞洲的首次亮相。「Joel …

Illinois News Live | The izzuex collection is literally wearable art

June 25, 2021

Hong Kong based brand izzue Has partnered with artist Joel Mesler to create a capsule collection that …

Ta Kung Pao | 黛西札记/生活的解药\李梦

June 24, 2021

梅斯勒(Joel Mesler) 他的亚洲首个展览取名“起初”(In the Beginning),一语双关,既意味着他的画家生涯的起步阶段,亦暗示作品内容由他本人的童年生活汲取灵感─那是每个个体生命的“起初”。


June 24, 2021

Hong Kong-based brand izzue is partnering with the artist Joel Mesler for a capsule collection that … | 乔尔·梅斯勒亚洲首展于厉蔚阁香港空间正式开幕

June 23, 2021

香港——Lévy Gorvy 厉蔚阁欣然宣布乔尔·梅斯勒 (Joel Mesler) 的新作展览已于2021年6 … | 衫上「名畫」 散發異域風情

June 22, 2021

過往一直積極打造不同跨界合作的izzue,是次就帶來與美國藝術家Joel Mesler合作的聯名系列,推出的多款上衣、漁夫帽及布袋均加入Joel …

Vogue Hong Kong | 充滿異域風情的幻想叢林!美國藝術家 Joel Mesler 亞洲首展在 Lévy Gorvy 舉辦,與 izzue 推出服飾聯乘系列

June 20, 2021

藝術與時尚的跨界合作驚喜不斷,美國藝術家 Joel Mesler 即將在頂尖畫廊 Lévy …

galleries gal | Joel Mesler: In the Beginning at Levy Gorvy

June 18, 2021

Lévy Gorvy is pleased to announce an exhibition of new paintings by Joel Mesler, to open on 23 June …

艺术圈社交平台 | 好多新的艺术活动和展览开了,一起“趣”看展览听讲座|北京 上海 深圳 香港 杭州 南京 苏州 成都 重庆

June 17, 2021

厉蔚阁 (Lévy Gorvy) 欣然宣布将于2021年6月23日呈现乔尔·梅斯勒 (Joel Mesler) 的新作展览。「乔尔 …

GalleriesNow | Joel Mesler: In the Beginning

June 15, 2021

Lévy Gorvy presents an exhibition of new paintings by Joel Mesler. Joel Mesler: In the Beginning is …

Hi艺术 | 乔尔 ‧ 梅斯勒:起初

June 1, 2021

香港——Lévy Gorvy 厉蔚阁欣然宣布将于2021年6月23日呈现乔尔·梅斯勒 (Joel Mesler) …


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