Film | A Story Well Told - Lévy Gorvy

Film | A Story Well Told

A story well told is a story that one recognizes, as if you’ve heard it before. Watercolors are about fluidity and the experience of male verses female is about fluidity. It’s a simple encounter, watercolors, man, woman, and the relentless desire of life to live.
—Francesco Clemente

A Story Well Told (2013) is a series of twenty-one watercolors, completed by Clemente in Varanasi after a mystical encounter with Daphne, a wood-nymph from Greek and Roman mythology. Like in Ovid’s classical tale, Clemente observed her metamorphosis into a tree, re-imagined in the present series through the ethereal quality of watercolor, emphasizing a dream-like state infused by desire and longing.

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