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Lévy Gorvy Now Representing Artist and Composer Terry Adkins

November 20, 2017

Dominique Lévy and Brett Gorvy of Lévy Gorvy are proud to announce the gallery’s representation of interdisciplinary artist Terry Adkins (1953–2014). Adkins, who died unexpectedly in February 2014 at the age of 59, masterfully intertwined the immaterial qualities of music with the physicality of sculpture in a body of work defined by hybridity, mythology, and the tension between metaphor and metonym. He dedicated his energy to the spiritual renewal and reinvigoration of narratives often overlooked, including those of performer Bessie Smith and writer Zora Neale Hurston. His performances, installations, videos, and photographs often related to the site-specificity of each subject’s respective contribution to history; through extensive research, Adkins explored the character and psychology of each figure.

Working in close collaboration with Merele Williams Adkins, the artist’s widow, Lévy Gorvy is committed to furthering discourse on Adkins’ achievements through curated exhibitions, publications, and commissioned scholarship. The first of these projects will debut in January 2018 when Lévy Gorvy presents Terry Adkins: The Smooth, The Cut and The Assembled at its New York location. The exhibition is curated by artist Charles Gaines, who was a collaborator and longtime friend of Adkins.

“We are thrilled to represent Terry Adkins and to have the honor of engaging with his exceptional, generous work” said Dominique Lévy. “From Dante to W.E.B. Du Bois, from music to sculpture, Adkins was able to create remarkable connections that expand both our imaginations and our understanding of the real world. His art challenges our assumptions about what is fleeting, what is permanent, what matters, and what defines us.”

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Image: Photography by Tom Snelgrove

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