Mickalene Thomas: Beyond the Pleasure Principle - Lévy Gorvy

Mickalene Thomas: Beyond the Pleasure Principle

Beyond the Pleasure Principle is an international exhibition unfolding across Lévy Gorvy’s spaces in four global capitals—New York, London, Paris, and Hong Kong—over the course of fall 2021, unveiling interconnected bodies of new work by acclaimed American artist Mickalene Thomas. This multisite presentation will feature paintings, installations, and video works that expand Thomas’ decades-long exploration of the Black female body as a realm of power, eroticism, agency, and inspiration, as well as a vehicle for reformulating visual idioms of modernism inherited from some of the 20th century’s most influential masters. Presented in uniquely designed environments for each of the four locations, Thomas’ exhibition will also include a video made in collaboration with her life partner and muse Racquel Chevremont, an art advisor, curator, and collector.

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Opening September 9, 6–8PM

Opening September 30

Opening October 7

Opening October 15


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