Anamorphosis, Explore Booth H11 - Lévy Gorvy
Detail view of Lucio Fontana's work Concetto spaziale, 1955

Anamorphosis, Explore Booth H11

June 4, 2018

At Art Basel 2018, Lévy Gorvy will feature works by a diverse group of artists representing key figures of the European, American, and Asian postwar period. Anchored in the gallery’s international exhibition program, Booth H11 continues our ongoing tradition of offering a curated presentation for this world-class art fair.

Anamorphosis refers to a perceptual effect in which an image appears distorted unless viewed from a specific vantage point. Examples of anamorphic art include the prehistoric parietal paintings of Lascaux, adjusted to read seamlessly across the cave’s oblique angles, and the famously elusive eyes of Leonardo da Vinci’s portraits. The works presented in Booth H11 invite viewers to reassess form as they move through space. From the balance achieved in the curious asymmetry of Eduardo Chillida’s totemic sculpture Besaka (1987), to Lucio Fontana’s painting Concetto spaziale (1955)—a work that subverts the two-dimensionality of the canvas—these works reveal form as a surprisingly dynamic state.




Terry Adkins | Josef Albers | Diane Arbus | Alberto Burri | Sergio Camargo | Enrico Castellani | Eduardo Chillida | Lygia Clark | Max Ernst | Lucio Fontana | Gego | Mark Grotjahn | Yves Klein | Henri Matisse | Fausto Melotti | Joan Mitchell | François Morelet | Pablo Picasso | Sigmar Polke | Carol Rama | Martial Raysse | Gerhard Richter | Pierre Soulages | Pat Steir | Mark Tansey



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