Viewing Room

Michelangelo Pistoletto, Porte Uffizi

909 Madison Avenue, New York


If contemporary art led the artist to the greatest freedom, it also led him to the greatest responsibility. —Michelangelo Pistoletto

Lévy Gorvy is pleased to announce the extension of Porte Uffizi (1994–2020), part of a recent major exhibition of works by the renowned Italian artist Michelangelo Pistoletto.

Occupying the entirety of Lévy Gorvy’s third floor, Porte Uffizi is a newly realized, site-specific installation of a seminal work by Pistoletto, comprising an open-timber architectural structure of subdivided chambers, each labeled with a different social principle such as Economy, Science, and Spirituality. Notable works by Pistoletto are installed within each section, illustrating his enduring belief in the resonance of art and society. The dialogue created between these themes and works invites visitors to consider and reflect on their own engagement with these systems.

In conjunction with the artist, Lévy Gorvy has collaborated with Cittadellarte–Fondazione Pistoletto to further his Third Paradise initiative. Embodied by a symbol that Pistoletto uses to signify a balanced connection between artifice and nature, his foundation is devoted to realizing this balance through principles of democratic praxis (Demopraxy) and ecological sustainability. The organization conducts programs globally that build bridges between local communities and organizations, promoting new perspectives of thought and action in an extension of Pistoletto’s abiding commitment to humanist ideals.