February 11–22, 2021

516 East Hyman Avenue
Aspen, CO


For inquiries, please call us at +1 646 660 4013‬.


An artistic endeavor comes into the world naked, unnamed, and vulnerable. Every creative effort requires the artist to wrest something from nothingness, a purposive cosmos from an apparently indifferent chaos.
—Peter London

Beginning February 11, Lévy Gorvy will present the installation Visceral and Vulnerable in Aspen, working in collaboration with Pitkin Projects. Spanning mediums, the selection of art and design objects on view will embody the intertwined human states that the exhibition’s title names: the visceral impulse toward growth and new beginnings that calls for an admission of vulnerability. Inspired by the deep solace Aspen’s natural landscape offers in an historic period of upheaval and change, Visceral and Vulnerable will remain on view through February 22, 2021.

Visceral and Vulnerable unites works of art by Diane Arbus, Francesco Clemente, Dan Colen, Lucio Fontana, Seung-Taek Lee, Michelangelo Pistoletto, Carol Rama, Peter Regli, Joel Shapiro, and Pat Steir, with the design gallery Ago Projects presenting exceptional furniture created by Green River Project LLC, the innovative, modernist-informed design company founded by Aaron Aujla and Ben Bloomstein.

Dominique Lévy remarks, “At its best, art provides us with the access both our most vulnerable and intensely visceral states of being, granting new insights into ourselves. This presentation was created to offer visitors a path into this experience through outstanding and beautiful works of both art and design.”

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