Günther Uecker: Lichtbogen - Lévy Gorvy

Viewing Room

Günther Uecker: Lichtbogen

Opening October 22, 2020
4 Passage Saint-Avoye, Paris


**Due to the recent lockdown measures put in place by the French government, Lévy Gorvy Paris is temporarily closed. We hope to welcome you back for a visit of our exhibition Günther Uecker: Lichtbogen very soon! For any inquiries, please feel free to call us at +33 01 58 80 82 40.

Lévy Gorvy is pleased to announce Günther Uecker: Lichtbogen, the inaugural presentation at its new gallery in Paris. Uecker’s first solo exhibition in Paris since 1968, Lichtbogen constitutes a dramatic development in the master’s seven-decade practice with a monumental new body of works, the first of their kind. These radiant paintings vibrate with the energy of their creation, embodying fluidity and light. Collectively, the works on view find the artist mapping the world within himself as he absorbs and translates the ever-changing experience of life around us.

Painting with watercolors
in the vastness of an
ochre-colored desert landscape
on the Persian Gulf.
Water that pours out
from the mountains,
flowing through
an ancient
cultivated environment
at the Gulf. Sweet
river water, marrying with
the Arabian Sea
through the Strait
of Hormuz,
a nodal point
in our history.

Over the clearance,
the visions of the Arabian
desert island shimmer
in the green waters,
waters shining in the
entire color spectrum,
visions of a biblical land,
a land of prophetic revelations.
An arc of light painted,
flowingly, on paper,
like a scar, a vein of life itself,
amid the rapture of the colors—
a line painted,
like an arch,
an arrow ascending out.

Watercolors, ink,
tempera and paste,
mixed on paper
and applied on canvas,
generate through their mixing
—pigments in water—
a streaming border zone.
An electric arc that
guides us into the universe,
traveling along the scar-line
of our injuries, beginning
from a source of life,
source of life’s endangerment,
our precariousness and
our vulnerability. In revolt,
in transgression of that threshold
of a finitude, a vision
from the depths
of our provenance—
the paint guided
in a circle.
The paintbrush, tethered,
traces a line
like a compass,
piercing the act of painting
like an uprising
of the life-force, like
an ejaculation
of vital action,
seeking to overcome
an affliction.

Humbly, back in my workshop,
that hermitage for
for inner joy,
painting, in jubilation,
all that is wondrous,
all that exists,
in this world.

–Günther Uecker, 2020

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