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VIP Preview: March 18 (6 PM HKT/11 AM CET/6 AM EST) to March 20 (6 PM HKT/11 AM CET/6 AM EST)
Public Days: March 20 (6 PM HKT/11 AM CET/6 AM EST) to March 25 (6 PM HKT/11 AM CET/6 AM EST)



The gallery’s online presentation, Perspectives, has launched! Perspectives draws from the best of works by artists represented by Lévy Gorvy, including Kazuo Shiraga, Pierre Soulages, Pat Steir, and Tu Hongtao. Sign up to view our virtual booth through or explore our Viewing Room experience below!

Highlights include 130 x 130 cm, 10 octobre 2019, a new canvas from Soulages’s celebrated Outrenoir series, through which he explores the aesthetic potential of black. A seminal painting by Shiraga represents the accomplishments of this key member of the postwar Japanese Gutai movement. Painted by the artist with his feet while he was suspended from the ceiling by a rope, Untitled (1962) actively fuses matter and energy, components central to Gutai’s philosophy. Tu Hongtao’s Little Forest (2017–19) is a lushly colored oil painting that melds landscape and gestural abstraction, expressively synthesizing Western artistic traditions with those of classical Chinese painting and calligraphy. A solo exhibition of Tu Hongtao’s work starts 25 March at our Hong Kong gallery and will be followed by an exhibition of new works in our London space in November.

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