Richard Prince | Untitled (Fashion)

Untitled (Fashion)
Ektacolor print
60 x 40 inches (152.4 x 101.6 cm)
© 2018 Richard Prince
Photo: Elisabeth Bernstein



Culled from a variety of magazines, Richard Prince’s Fashion series of “rephotographs” seeks to decontextualize the images from their original, commercial function, through methods such as cropping and enlarging or altering focus and angle. Framing his shots so as to excise any identifiable logos or text, Prince heightened their status as what he termed “authoress” images. Defined by dramatic plays of light and shadow, the Fashion works feature the face of a female model in intense, almost clinical close-ups. Just as Prince’s photograph is appropriated, so too is the model’s selfhood, cobbled from an array of filmic narratives, popular images, and subconscious fantasies.