Carlo Ferraris | CB15 - Lévy Gorvy
  • Carlo Ferraris's digital print CB15, 2009

    Carlo Ferraris. CB15, 2009. Digital print, 55 x 33 inches. Edition 1 of 3

Carlo Ferraris | CB15

July 22, 2019

Carlo Ferraris reframes quotidian subjects—a police officer, a grandmother, flatpack furniture—by removing them from their expected contexts and imbues his images with a symbolically charged uncanniness. Cultivating a multimedia practice that comprises photography, sculpture, and video, Ferraris analyzes aspects of contemporary life and the histories that shape it. Each subject’s circumstances are modified to establish a sense of logical disjunction and to subtly defy established social norms. His works seek to disrupt the viewer’s expectations, eschewing coherent narratives in favor of an ambiguity predicated on a complex irony.

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