Adriano Valeri | Bedouin Queen - Lévy Gorvy
  • Adriano Valeri's painting Bedouin Queen, 2018

    Adriano Valeri. Bedouin Queen, 2018. Oil on canvas, 55 x 64 inches

Adriano Valeri | Bedouin Queen

July 16, 2019

Through my paintings, I examine the post-functional character of urban ecosystems, focusing on the marginal spaces that collectively constitute an ever-growing percentage of the global landscape. The compositions and subjects of these works examine the rapidly homogenizing character of the earth’s surface, which is now widely defined by spaces whose only function is to create distance between buildings and roads, spaces that are difficult or undesirable to access, or spaces that have ceased to be profitable for industrial or agricultural commerce. These unassigned areas are themselves hotbeds of biodiversity, for they collect the effluvia of human action; that is, the mass-produced materials and infrastructure necessary to support us and enable our activities. Often feral and non-native plants and animals abound and are indirectly dependent on a proximity to human civilization. Our reactions to these life forms might be hostile, empathetic, or merely indifferent. I’m interested in how these marginal spaces teem with unintended interactions resulting from our pervasive presence as a species and have developed a personal narrative style to convey my meditations on this subject. – Adriano Valeri

Born in Milan, Adriano Valeri has exhibited in several museums in Italy and has participated in numerous group and solo exhibitions in both Italy and the United States. His most recent solo presentation was Hurricane Season at mhPROJECTnyc in New York.